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How to improve viewing our website wagered on joomla cms?
A very good way to increase audience and your position in search engines, in addition to tagging the ad. In other show, short passwords in one place on the page linked to with due reference to the article on the web.



       From what I know this is probably the best way to carry your own, or using the software.
One of the best programs for tagging the bet on Joomla is the program TG tag cloud you can use it to position your website done in Joomla or Mambo.
TG cloud of tags consist of a component and module component first and then install the module. The admin bar shows the tab allows you to update our tags. After writing an article, go to the bookmark tag cloud TG choose the update button and you're done. In addition, we can choose a position where they appear to have tags left or right, I am a party to the right, but the choice is up to you. The result of our upgrade is seen immediately, and the effect visible in search engines is only a matter of time. TG tag cloud is a great tool for positioning web sites of our bet on joomla cms.





TG Chmury Tagów joomli 2.5








Another version of the TG tag cloud for Joomla 2.5. Used a pair of new solutions that will help to easily customize the look of a page template (template). 


is adjustable font size,




and added a selection of font style. Adjusted total activity to act on Joomla 2.5. There we have 15 different fonts. 



Also uses a new way to install pkg (pitch). Pkg for aids, reduces installation time, where the installation of the component and module comes with a single click.

Have a good use.

Version TG (tag cloud) for Joomla 1.7 is here. Modified display of tags on a more friendly web robots called. short names are listed installation engine and adapted to work with joomla 1.6.x Joomla 1.7.xi there was only one display system in the module. Improved performance of the same whole, and most importantly, we positioned the TG (tag cloud, Eng - Tag Cloud) are becoming more visible on the network.



Naciśnij żeby zobaczyć filmik Chmura_Tagów







Stay ahead of the rest and install the Tag Cloud. You do not have to look!



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