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   What is SEO?

The term (SEO) is optimizing for search engines (Search Engine Optimization), measures to promote websites in search engines, which operate to increase the page rank in search engine. Parties that will be most useful will be a better place in the ranking. Search engines take into account the various parameters. This is to show you search only those sites that are most useful for searching.

To achieve a high score in search engines should be adjusted accordingly pair of Control element such as key words, who do not derive these bad words or repeat them too in my opinion it is a mistake. Another mistake performed when positioning (SEO), is to hide text in the page background the same color, or set it as a very small size, of course, the text is the same nonsense not related to the subject site as long to write something.

Another problem is poor hosting, let us consider the choice to install the server on which I would commend to our joomla paid servers. If you do not know how well we got to try out our hosting costs, some companies make it possible to test 14 days after which conclude a contract for a period or not. Try not to use the articles of the same meta tags on all pages, it is quite often duplicated error does not give visible results.

The important thing is the title and description, both of those things we should be well thought out, since these two items appear in search engines. Poorly thought-out title or description can lead to neglect our service users, blog etc.

The most important thing for the service, god, etc. is the content and page layout of menus and items which help users to easily navigate the web. The contents page must be legible, all the elements of the site visually porozmieszczane well. All this is combined together and creates an image that affects the assessment of the site positive or negative.

Linking is another important part of our website. Adding links to our site, you should take into account that links best to add the sites with similar content, will enable us to attract people who enjoy this matter as these individuals will return at a later date. Do not add a lot of them, add a few and wait, and in the meantime, we check the results in wyszukiwarkach.Po again some time we add a few, etc. Search engines work in such a way that you view web content and will read the links that eventually crawl the page and submit its value to the user, and thus the site goes up. As for meta tags should not repeat the same tytułów.Tytuł should be related to the content. Do not add links of the same title. Check out the links in search engines before you buy or replace. Link that is not on any search engine is useless for us.

Joomla SEO is based largely on adding new articles with good content related to the subject by which it is positioned, the more they on the same topic that our crawler will read the page that the page is active and with an increase in visitors will grow up.

To track the viewership of our websites, you can register on the Google or One and the second address contains statistics free or paid professional. This will help us determine if the audience is growing or shrinking.

Once our site has reached the right place in the search engines, do not you stop updating the page. It is possible that you will lose the position and hence and the audience.

Think also about paid positioning system, you can also advertise website in google, a lot of companies offer vouchers amounting to a sum to be used just for this purpose. Another way is to buy a banner for a specified period at a large audience.

Let Joomla will be with you.


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