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Celtic Calendar

        This calendar consisted of 12 months, 7 months after 30 days and 5 after the 29th It was based on a lunar cycle, the first 15 days was responsible for the bright side of the moon, while the rest was responsible for the dark.


  Full moon appeared in the 7, 8 and 9 of each month. The beginning of winter was in the calendar on November 1. Celtic society was composed of three strata. They were the priests, farmers and warriors. Boasted the highest respect for priests. They were divided into three groups.

   The first is the bards, the group was made up of poets and singers. They told stories and passed. Next is a group of poets, they studied the nature, they possessed a wide knowledge of the world. Celebrate the sacrificial rites. The last of the groups of druids, is the highest rank among the three groups.

     They had knowledge about the movements of stars, world, earth and the gods. They learned the nature and philosophy, were also judges in their own way in a variety of disputes, had a very high authority, their study lasted 20 years and learned memorized. They thought for people with valuable information so that it was not worth it to save on paper.

The warriors were from the wealthiest families.

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